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Dan Jones Posts : OPINION – The Sydney Sweeper War

I was driving around with a friend in Sydney the other day, he was flicking through the FM pre-sets in my car looking for a good song. After skipping over some he didn’t like, I noticed that he skipped a station when he heard they were in the middle of a station ID sweeper. I knew the sweeper, it was only 5 seconds long, yet because of that sweeper the radio station lost us as listeners. I was dumbfounded at the loss of listenership caused by such a quick station ID. : i98’s Dan Jones is the ultimate professional during on-air Zetta crash

It’s hard working the weekend shift in radio, but things were particularly tough for i98’s Dan Jones yesterday. Being a Sunday, the building was for the most part empty during his afternoon shift, when Zetta crashed mid-talk break meant he couldn’t play any audio. “This is actually the situation that every single radio announcer dreads,” Jones told his listeners as he scrambled to talk and address the issue at the same time : The Onesie War – 104.7 vs 2CC

Dan Jones oblidged and ventured to the belly of the beast – the Capital Radio Network HQ.  “We marched up those stairs with our present for Marcus and upon realising there was nobody guarding reception placed it gently on the receptionists keyboard and fled the scene.”